, DELTAGEN Overview


Rendering new horizons

One robust and highly-automated visualization pipeline optimizes CAD product data for all your marketing content needs. Convert, prepare, optimize, render, and export data to the 3DEXPERIENCE® Platform, any post-production or content development environment. From game engines and immersive experiences to harnessing the latest in WebGL technology, with this toolset from DELTAGEN, anything is possible.

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, DELTAGEN Overview


Convert And Prepare

Import, convert and prepare CAD or 3D PLM data from a wide range of file formats while preserving metadata and model information. ROBOT supports automated tasks, including unwrapping and tessellation, making it fast and efficient.

, DELTAGEN Overview


Achieve Product Perfection

HUB offers the seamless enrichment of CAD data with complex logic for Marketing & Sales experiences. We provide a lossless handover of the model to your favorite game-engine, or CGI pipeline. DELTAGEN uniquely lets users export models through our gateways designed to connect to The Unreal® Engine, Unity® Technologies, and Maya®.

, DELTAGEN Overview


Make it shine

The Marketing Master Model, created in HUB, is brought to life with physical-based rendering to create automated 2D layers for online configurators. Create movies, 360° stereo panoramas, and variants. STAGE is where model data shines.

, DELTAGEN Overview


Extend the digital twin

Supports design review validation with high quality, interactive experiences. Reuse the Master Model investments for enterprise-wide use on 3DEXPERIENCE. Visualize product complexity with lifelike precision. Render any available product variant and export it to gain approval from stakeholders.

DELTAGEN is a powerfully, automated, 3D visualization pipeline that enhances design, engineering, and marketing. Rapid virtual prototyping accelerates product design and generates premium marketing content for nearly any campaign scenario: offline, online, and immersive.

ROBOT imports and coverts all common forms of product CAD data for visualization, while HUB prepares and optimizes visualized models for any use. STAGE contains everything that is included in HUB but adds the ability to render 2/2.5D layers for configurators, and panoramas for mobile and lightweight VR applications.