With a proven record of supporting renowned companies within the Life Science industry by streamlining processes, reducing time to market and increasing profitability while maintaining quality and meeting regulatory demands -we believe in ensuring healthy lives and well-being for all. As an experienced provider of state-of-the-art Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions, VSCPS will guide you in your digital transformation journey.

Addressing the business challenges of the Life Sciences Industry

Personalized Health

To improve the patient experience, companies must take on a holistic approach to product development. By including patient-specific aspects such as genome, behavior and environment in the innovation processes a higher level of product personalization can be achieved.

Quality & Compliance

Achieving regulatory compliance while increasing profitability and competitiveness is a genuine challenge to the Life Sciences industry. By embedding quality into every stage of the product lifecycle it is easy to have full control of all the details that pertain to products, parts, reagents, manufacturing, and compliance.

Knowledge Capitalization

As organizations grow and new departments are formed, essential data often becomes isolated within departments. This can inhibit innovation and increase the risk of error. By connecting systems, people, and data in an integrated, virtual ecosystem your innovators are given the information they need to make the best decisions at the right time.

Development & Manufacturing

A predictive and adaptive manufacturing approach to development and manufacturing results in high quality, personalized products. PLM is not only a software but a way of re-evaluating old habits and transforming your way of working.

Transforming the Value Chain

Leaders of tomorrow need to understand patient desire and market demand to adopt new business models with distributed and adaptive supply chains. They will execute the value chain as one integrated whole, including collaboration and integration with patients, physicians, suppliers, and partners.

Product Lifecycle Management

The essence of PLM is to create automated and seamlessly integrated, fully traceable processes across the entire product lifecycle. When implemented correctly, the outcome is reduction of risk and cost and full enablement of the innovation potential within your company. It’s a competitive advantage that few companies can afford to overlook.​